Forensic Accountant in San Diego

forensic accountant san diego

If you need help resolving financial crimes, or you need to understand your finances, a forensic accountant in San Diego can help you. A forensic accountant is a qualified professional with extensive experience in divorce cases, employee business services, business valuation, and tax preparation. Some San Diego forensic accountants also work as forensic fraud detectives. Kelly Dehner, a forensic fraud detective in San Diego, has over 10 years of experience.

Forensic accountants are specialized in a variety of legal disputes, including business litigation and divorce. They are held to a high standard in their court service and can help make financial matters easier to understand. They can also help resolve other types of contested cases, such as estate planning and financial testing. If you’re involved in a divorce, a forensic accountant can help make the entire process less stressful.

In a divorce, the financial aspects of the divorce process can be confusing. Hiring a forensic accounting firm can help simplify these complex issues. They can explain financial matters in a way that anyone can understand. For example, economic damage analysis involves accidents, theft of assets, embezzlement, or loss of a job. Forensic accountants interpret financial data to calculate lost wages, benefits, and business profits. They can also help simplify the divorce process by calculating the value of vocational training.

If you need to use a forensic accountant in a divorce case, you might need one for many reasons. The accountant can be crucial in disseminating evidence or proving guilt. In many cases, a forensic accountant is the only qualified person who can make this determination. Their job is to determine if a divorce is legitimate or whether the other party committed mistakes. They can also analyze whether there was fraudulent activity or errors that were made in the divorce process.

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